Team Ghost


Islands In The Sky V2

Winner of 1st Place Deluxe

in the

Global Archiact Jam

September 8th 2015 at 10:00am - August 21st 2015 at 10:00am

Category: Deluxe

made by

Gaspar Ferreiro


A VR Flight Experience where you battle for air supremacy in a future where humanity lives in space.

Videolink: https://youtu.be/xQB0gOJGGFA

Long Description:

Development: This game is based on my original entry for the oculus vr jam, called islands in the sky. Yet, in the spirit of keeping the jam fresh and innovative, i have redone all assets, game mechanics and missions. Even the vehicle is different and behaves as such. Also, the game is now set in earth,s orbit. The vehicle now hovers in place, and flies at a slower pace, to make it more accessible to people who might suffer from motion sickness. I hope this entry is worthy of your time and consideration. Game Type: Virtual reality flight game in a futuristic fantasy setting. It will be presented in the 3rd and 1st person perspective (user choice). I want to bring an experience that's opposite to the shoe box environments currently on gear VR. I want to convey freedom and open space. Gamepad is required. Game Back Story: In the not so distant future, the Earth’s core starts to emit a radiation that targets human DNA and kills after prolonged exposure. it has also shifted the earths atmosphere! You can see much of the earth from the sky, without having to leave the earths atmosphere... HOW COOL IS THAT! To survive, humans are forced to live on man made floating cities in space… Islands in the sky. It is a dangerous world where competing factions battle for resources, airspace and salvage. You must defend your Floating island at all cost. You will explore the skies to find resources to salvage from abandoned islands, scout for danger, and eliminate threats to your floating island. You will play in both wide open spaces, as well as inside complex structures. Gameplay: The game will use a traditional pitch and roll control for the aircraft. The player will also have use of projectile cannons to shoot down enemies, as well as a thrusters button to seed up your craft. Travel to different locations (long range travel) will be made through portals generated by your floating island. This is done to mask the obvious limitations of the mobile platform in regards to level size. Finally, I want to enhance how the game is controlled by making the Vr free look feature and integral part of how you can control your craft, bringing a new level of human interaction with the cockpit controls.

Game Instructions

Hardware Used:

Gearvr Moga Pro Gamepad Controller Red samurai Gamepad Controller

How to Play:

The best way to learn to play is by selecting the 1st mission, which is a guided tutorial of the game mechanics. Regardless, your left joystick will control your vehicles pitch and rotation. Your bumper buttons will control the roll of your aircraft. Button 1 will enable the thrust, so you can move forward. Button 2 will make use for your selected weapon. Button 3 is the selection button (you can also tap the gear vr trackpad). Selections are made by staring at one of the 2 computers located close to the armrests of your cockpit chair. As you stare, they will highlight green at that point you press select once, and it will pop up a control window for either weapons or radar types. here you will use your gaze again to make your selection, and press the select button to enable it. Finally, button 4 chances your view between inside the cockpit, into a chase camera view (and repeat to return to cockpit). Keep in mind, that during the tutorial mission, all control functions are not enabled at the beginning, and thus will start becoming enabled as you progress through the tutorial.


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