Global Archiact Jam Rules

Competition Duration

March 23rd – April 4th! Your first submission will be due on March 23rd at 11:59 pm PDT!

Registration Deadline

Teams can register up until the Submission 1 deadline (March 23).

Global Archiact Jam Theme

The theme will be announced one week prior to the game jam! Check back here in March. All games must have something to do with the theme. The theme doesn't have to be the most prominent aspect of your game, but it should be visible.

Date of Winner Announcement

Winners will be announced about one month after final submissions are in.

Requirements to Compete

This is an international event!! Everyone is welcome to compete. *See Legal Terms for country exclusions.

VR Game Requirement

  • Mobile virtual reality game
  • You may choose your SDK
  • Games must be made on Unity
  • Has a split screen
  • Follows the Global Archiact Jam theme
  • FPS 60
  • No inappropriate content
  • Game must run smooth
  • Allowed Mobile Devices

  • Android phones only.
  • Archiact will be judging the games on the following devices (just an FYI, there is no requirement to use the following devices): Note 4, S6, and Nexus 5.
  • Device Categories

    There are two different device categories you may compete under. Each device category will be treated as a separate competition. Contestants are responsible for ordering and purchasing their VR headset of choice.

  • Deluxe: Samsung Gear VR Category
  • Essentials: Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, VR SmartView, Goggle Tech (Go4D C1 Glass only) .
  • *Note: Prizes will be given out in each Device Category. This means, there will be one 1st place winner for the Deluxe category and one for the Essentials category.

    Controller Partners

    Contestants are encouraged to use an input controller with their VR game. Below are the list of approved controllers for this event:

  • Nod
  • Kinect
  • Any bluetooth gamepad
  • Submissions

    All players MUST submit progress of their work on the specified dates or forfeit in the competition. Please title your file TeamName_Submission1, TeamName_Submission2, etc.

  • Submission 1: March 23rd at 11:59PM PDT--> Game idea
  • Submission 2: March 27th at 11:59PM PDT--> Basic art assets, prototype 1
  • Submission 3: April 4th at 11:59PM PDT--> Deluxe and Essentials categories: submit APK via your final project ZIP file.
  • *Essentials Category: Your game must also be uploaded to Google Play. Please do this AT LEAST 48 HRS before this deadline to make sure it gets approved on time. Here are the instructions on how to submit a game to Google Play. Your game will be downloaded at the time submission is due, and any further changes will not be taken into account.

    In your Google Play description, you must write the following two items:

  • "This game was created for the Global Archiact Jam.
  • And please include your team name. "Made by Team ___________."

  • Team leaders are responsible for these submissions. Team leaders must submit each submission before the specified deadline, or forfeit in the competition. We will NOT be scoring submissions 1 and 2, they are just there to make sure you stay on track! Submission 3 will be used in the judging process.

  • The photos and game description that can be uploaded on your team page may be changed up until Submission 3 deadline. This section will be viewed by judges and taken into consideration.
  • Awards

    Deluxe and Essential categories will each be awarded the following prizes:

  • The team will have the opportunity to demo their game at CVR 2016 - the world's first consumer-focused virtual reality conference - to 1500+ attendees and industry leaders!
  • One team member will be awarded a one week, all expenses paid trip to China, where they will have the opportunity to represent their team and meet with the 6 largest gaming companies and 10 venture capitalists in China.
  • Recognition Awards:

  • Most Interactive
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Entertaining
  • Most Immersive
  • The Judging Process

    Judging will take about one month after the Submission 3.

  • Round 1: Your game must: run, have no inappropriate content, and have FPS 60. This criteria will be assessed at the discretion of the Archiact team.
  • Round 2: Top 50% of games will be selected to continue to next round.
  • Round 3: Online voting. A screenshot of your game will be posted to the Archiact Facebook page. This is your time to shine!! Share your feature on our Facebook page with your friends and get them to vote for you by “liking” your game’s screenshot. Your goal? Get the most possible likes, each like is a point towards your final score.* (10% of final score) Will be scaled on a bell curve.
  • Round 4: The Archiact team will be judging your game. We will be judging your game based on: UX, creativity, gameplay (how fun the game is), immersive techniques, and interactivity. Each of these criteria will be scored from 1 - 5 based on how well you achieved in each respective category. (90% of final score) No scaling, will be based on your regular score.
  • *Please note: Archiact's Facebook page will be monitored for suspicious liking activity. Any suspicious activity will result in removal of the suspect points from your final score at the discretion of the Archiact team.

    Pre-Existing Personal Code

  • Global Archiact Jam competitors may use pre-made code, as long as it is their own. Only reference code that is publicly available with no copyright issues.
  • Sound

  • You may use any sound that is legally available on the Internet. (Or create your own!!)
  • Legal Terms

  • Click here to see the Global Archiact Jam legal terms.
  • Language Requirements

  • All games, submissions, and descriptions must be written in English.
  • Team Size

  • Teams may be 1 – 10 members in size.